“I just want to give you and your team a quick shout-out because, a few weeks on, my floor is still looking as good as new! My kids like to play games on the floor but this was a bit difficult after we took up our carpet and the floorboards were in a shoddy condition. I couldn’t wax the floor myself because we have an open-plan house where our floors are several metres long. That’s when I decided to contact you. Your team came into my home on the day which we had arranged and did the work for us hassle-free. I was a bit worried because I thought there would be a major disruption to our home life, which isn’t easy when you have young children. However, as the work is now finished, my kids can’t stop playing on the floor because it is bright and shiny, and even a ‘Ribena incident’ the other day with some blackcurrant juice was easily wiped up with no lasting consequences. The kids thought that was great (as did my wife) and everyone in the house loves the new floors! Thanks again.”